Saturday, 29 May 2010

Creeping up on half way

Fund raising and donations so far comes to a whopping £1393, Gift Aid is a total of £392.90. That makes a current grand total of £1785.90 raised so far! Getting close to my target of £4000. My employer do a matched donation scheme, so for every £1 raised they will donate £1. I am currently waiting on a pretty little cheque for £1193 from them which will rocket me even closer to the total. Despite the fact that due to the matched donation I technically only need to raise £2000 in order to get a total of £4000 i really really want to raise as much of it myself as possible. I'll still request the matched donation for everything I raise but I would love to end up with a total of more than £4000.

I did the Race for Life 5k last weekend. It was a last minute thing as my mum was meant to be doing it but she wasnt well enough so I took her place. My 2 sisters and my aunt also did it. Here we are with our medals, proud as punch (and a little knackered)

L-R - Me, Eileen, Sarah, Aunt Isobel.

I finished in what I deem to be a fairly respectable 1hr 3 mins. I think thats not bad considering I didnt do any training.

I have had lots and lots of responses to the many letters I sent out a couple of weeks ago. As expected the majority have been 'no', I have had a few advise me to contact my local branch of their office, as I wrote to head offices. I did however receive one prize so far. Blair Drummond Safari Park very kindly donated a complimentary pass for 2 adults and 2 children which I am incredibly pleased about ( Hopefully there will be a few more decent prizes before the night!

Any way I had better skeedaddle as I need some dinner before going of swimming tonight with Eileend. Cheerio!

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