Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I'm going to Brazil!

My name is Jennifer and in October I will be going to Brazil for a 10 day charity trip. The main aim of the trip is to help repair a school in a small village and to raise funds for a mobile health unit.
The trip has been organised through my employer, Santander UK, and Cancer Research.
I will be joined by 39 of my collegues on the trip and we each have to raise £4000. The money we raise will cover our food, accomodation and fares to get to and from Brazil, as well as a donation for Cancer Research.

So far I have managed to raise £448, before Gift Aid, through a raffle, two bakes sales (everyone loves a bake sale!) and through donations from family. I still have a long way to go to reach my target and have many ideas on how to do this. I am trying to go for interesting ways. I am not the type of person to sit in a bath of baked beans for money, nor am I wanting to rely on the simple generosity of others. I think a bit of value for donation is the best idea. Currently I am running a 'Guess how many sweeties are in the jar' contest in work. I have another bake sale planned for the gannets, erm, I mean my colleagues and have managed to arrange a collection at the front door in work.

In the pipelines I have a carnival/Mardi Gras themed night. It'll be held in a pub function room (one I manage to find a decent one!) and I am hoping to have live music and a decent raffle. My mum and I are trying to work out the logistics of a tea party/spa day/garden party type event.

I am hoping to keep this blog up to date, and get some pictures up of all the wee bits and bobs leading up to Brazil. It would be nice if you follow along on my journey and feel free to comment!

If you would like to sponsor me my sponsor page is
Any donations, no matter how small, are greatly appreciated.

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