Sunday, 25 April 2010

Location, location, location

So I am trying to organise a charity night to raise money for my trip to Brazil. First step was getting a venue. After that everything should fall in to place, however it is almost impossible to find a venue!
Everywhere is either too big, too small, to expensive or too far out of town.

2 weeks ago I went into Glasgow with my older sister, Eileen, armed with paper work, determination and a dream. I came home with no venue, £25 worth of Primark clothes and more makeup than I could afford (really, Eileen had to lend me £3).
Today I met up with my younger sister, Sarah. I had no paperwork, no determination and the full intention of booking the first venue we went to. I came home with free henna on my hand, fashion specs, 2 for 1 teeshirts (score!) and again no venue.
I want to hold this even on June 19th and I am rapidly running out of time. I cant book bands or acts until I have a venue. I cant start printing or selling tickets until I know what's going to happen on the night. I think I might just stick a gazebo up in the field out the back of the house and go for a farmer theme. Perhaps have a rodeo and sheep wrestling.....
That would work, right?

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